“A Tequila Shot for your soul”, 1

May 14, 2010

Okay people,

Ever heard of “chicken soup for your soul”? Well, enough already! Who needs chicken soup? It’s hot, it comforts slowly, takes a long time to process and it’s just plain sappy!

What you really need is a Shot of Tequila!! It’s Fast, Its just the slap in the face that you need, goes down smooth, and is good any time of the year!

So here’s a little shot for your soul that I like to call “Don’t be nice”

The people in your life that really care about you aren’t “nice” to you and the people you really care about…well you’re not nice to them.

Don’t misinterpret, what I’m trying to say. Ask yourself…How real are you with others? How authentic are you with the world? How many times have you supressed what you really wanted to say in order to be liked? How many times have you been polite so you would be accepted?

Well guess what people, it doesnt work! Being Nice is Being Fake! It really is. You can sense it like a dog can sense a thunderstorm.

What’s the payoff of being nice? Well, you wont be held accountable for how you REALLY feel, you get to be liked and accepted, and you get to be seen favorably. What’s the cost? Well, you are not your self. How you really feel will never be known and you have to act that way every single time until you explode….

The ironic thing is, you’ve spent so long being nice, that you just forgot how to be real…

I challenge you this, the next time you’re in a conversation with someone, anyone…take notice to why you feel the need to be nice! I mean really take notice…you just might uncover something about yourself…and it will be a shocker!

So take this tequila shot and get a little closer to be yourself, free yourself, discover youself, and treat yourself!

A shot is good for you every now and then! Down the hatch people….

This was written by a not nice person. A person with just enough insight to tell you like it is and a person who use to be nice!

5 easy steps to Happiness!

May 10, 2010

5 steps to happiness…

1.  Make More Money

2.  Fall In Love

3.  Get a better Job

4.  Lose more weight

5.  Travel the world!

I’ve heard it more often than I care to count!  So it has to be the formula to Happiness…RIGHT?  I’ll be happy if I lose 20lbs.  I’ll be happy if I go on a 4 week vacation.  I’ll be happy if I make more money or better yet, hit the lotto. I’ll be happy if I was in an amazing relationship or had a better relationship with my family.  I’ll be happy if……

If, what?  Well I’ve got news for you….brace yourself.  IF it hasn’t happend it’s not going to happen!  Tell you what, read some more self help books and see how far it takes you.  If you think that happiness can be created by fixing what makes you unhappy then you will be fixing for the REST         OF              YOUR            LIFE!!

That’s a long time!

Get real people.  Stop wasting time, money, and effort for the pursuit of ever lasting happiness….It doesn’t exist.

I know what your thinking….and NO! I am NOT unhappy.  I’m actually the happiest person in the world.  And I can prove it!

I dont have a lot of money, I can stand to lose 20lbs, I haven’t traveled the world, my relationships aren’t perfect (except for my fiance, he is!), and my job sucks!  and yes I AM HAPPY!

So, you ask how?

I’ve got 5 steps to offer you…and it has nothing to do with psycho babble, self-help terminology, discovering yourself, or re-creating yourself, or changing your view on life.  But, it has everything to do with what’s important, what’s real, and what happiness is….

Now, to know what something is, we have to distinguish what something isn’t. 

Happiness IS NOT an accomplishment

Happiness IS NOT a result of an accomplishment

Happiness IS NOT created

Happiness IS NOT a feeling

Have I lost you yet! Good! Because, every thing you have read thus far is to get you thinking “outside the box”, so that you can really grasp what i’m about to tell you.

What Happiness IS…

Happiness IS a being
Happiness IS a choice
Happiness just IS what it IS

Now to the 5 steps to Happiness…

1. Stop trying to be right all the time. Just stop.
2. LOVE and ACCEPT yourself, your job, your situation, your cirmustance
3. Stop Fixing it, it’s not broken
4. Understand everyones flaws and love them anyway

(if you catch yourself NOT doing any of the above, there will be little happiness and lots of frustration) So Just Do it, It’s not easy, but it works! Oh, and do me a favor, this is extra credit….delete the word “try” from your vocabulary. Any statement that has the word “try” in it is a cop out! Chances are….you’ll never get to where you need to go if you simply just “try”!

Referencing Statement “5. Just Be Happy!” How do you “just be” anything? Well it’s not a secret. You make a conscious CHOICE. Don’t confuse making a choice with making a decision. A desicion weighs out pro’s and con’s, a choice weighs out nothing. A choice is a choosing of anything, the way it is and the way it isn’t. (ex., I chose my fiance and he chose me, the way we aren’t and the way we are) This is a hard philosophy to grasp, but if you really want to get it, you’ll get it. The few people that got it were Ghandi, Buddha, Mother Theresa and the guy who writes the fortune cookies!

I’ve given you the five steps. I didn’t say it would be easy, but it’s not hard either.

Now, go out there and be Happy!

This was written by a professional. I am certified in breathing, living, loving. My degrees are insignificant. My credibility cannot otherwise be proven, and my background in giving advice is 29 years old (minus the years I couldn’t speak or write). My references are available upon request.