“A Tequila Shot for your soul”, 1

Okay people,

Ever heard of “chicken soup for your soul”? Well, enough already! Who needs chicken soup? It’s hot, it comforts slowly, takes a long time to process and it’s just plain sappy!

What you really need is a Shot of Tequila!! It’s Fast, Its just the slap in the face that you need, goes down smooth, and is good any time of the year!

So here’s a little shot for your soul that I like to call “Don’t be nice”

The people in your life that really care about you aren’t “nice” to you and the people you really care about…well you’re not nice to them.

Don’t misinterpret, what I’m trying to say. Ask yourself…How real are you with others? How authentic are you with the world? How many times have you supressed what you really wanted to say in order to be liked? How many times have you been polite so you would be accepted?

Well guess what people, it doesnt work! Being Nice is Being Fake! It really is. You can sense it like a dog can sense a thunderstorm.

What’s the payoff of being nice? Well, you wont be held accountable for how you REALLY feel, you get to be liked and accepted, and you get to be seen favorably. What’s the cost? Well, you are not your self. How you really feel will never be known and you have to act that way every single time until you explode….

The ironic thing is, you’ve spent so long being nice, that you just forgot how to be real…

I challenge you this, the next time you’re in a conversation with someone, anyone…take notice to why you feel the need to be nice! I mean really take notice…you just might uncover something about yourself…and it will be a shocker!

So take this tequila shot and get a little closer to be yourself, free yourself, discover youself, and treat yourself!

A shot is good for you every now and then! Down the hatch people….

This was written by a not nice person. A person with just enough insight to tell you like it is and a person who use to be nice!


4 Responses to ““A Tequila Shot for your soul”, 1”

  1. Awesome Advice Says:

    This is great advice. I’m definitely gonna try this today when I hit the bar today. Very insightful. Look forward to the next update. Last weeks post was great too. Keep them coming.

  2. LavInk Says:

    This reminds of the John Mayer song, “Say”…

    Say what you need to say [x8]

    Have no fear for giving in
    Have no fear for giving over
    You’d better know that in the end
    Its better to say too much
    Then never say what you need to say again

    Even if your hands are shaking
    And your faith is broken
    Even as the eyes are closing
    Do it with a heart wide open

    Say what you need to say [x24]

    It takes a strong person to say that, but in the end you come out stronger.

  3. lovemixfaith Says:

    Well put.
    I have also approached being nice with caution. In the past however, I’ve found that I’ve said things to people that have been pretty damaging. This tends to happen I think with people we are most comfortable with i.e.-family/friends. I am a total proponent in speaking your mind as long as some sort of tact is used. I’ve recognized that I may think something with the possibility of being somewhat offbase so I re-think a good delivery to minimize any potential damage but still get my point across.
    It’s caused me to think smarter.
    This whole concept you’ve shared is enlightning. After a failed marraige, for a long time I approached every relationship avoiding conflict. As you may know this is impossible for anything to develop and last. Reflective of that, when conflict potentially arose I ended the relationship. I have to admit this was much easier than dealing with my current status. I don’t like to be mean or disagreeable but I’m with someone who I feel comfortable strongly disagreeing with. My tact has been challenged at times but I’m still liberated by speaking my mind instead of being nice and politly bowing out.
    I’ll take a shot (or two)of tequila please. 😉
    Thanks again!

  4. AWalden Says:

    if everyone could be so REAL… love the blog 🙂

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